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Mental Health

In school we use the ‘zones of regulation.’ This helps children to identify and express how they are feeling and manage difficult emotions, known as ‘self-regulation’.


What zone are you in?






























From time to time, all of us (including adults) find it hard to manage strong feelings such as worry, anger, restlessness, fear or tiredness, and this stops us from getting on with our day effectively. Children who feel these emotions often find it hard to learn and concentrate in school.


We want to teach all of our children good coping and regulation strategies so they can help themselves when they experience anxiety and stress. By teaching them how to cope with these feelings might make them better at tackling learning challenges and build better resilience so they don’t give up so easily when faced with difficulty.


Teaching the children at a young age about managing their feelings will support them in later life so that they don’t turn to negative coping strategies which affect their mental and physical wellbeing.


We aim to help children to:


 • Recognise when they are in the different Zones and learn how to change or stay in the Zone they are in.

· Increase their emotional vocabulary so they can explain how they are feeling.

·  Recognise when other people are in different Zones developing better empathy.

· Develop an insight into what might make them move into the different Zones.

·  Understand that emotions, sensory experiences such as lack of sleep or hunger and their environment might influence which Zone they are in.

· Develop problem-solving skills and resilience

·  Identify a range of calming and alerting strategies that support them.


What strategies do you use?