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Parent Forum

What is a Parent Forum?

It is an active group which has the specific aim to provide support to school with views of others and influence the improvement and practise in school.  This is achieved through involving the forum in meetings and conversations based around school priorities and key issues identified by school working with school staff and governors in order to do this.  


A forum where parents/carers of Stocksfield Avenue pupils can meet to:  


• Receive information and be part of what happens in school

 • Discuss and share ideas to improve your school and the local community  


Why get involved?


• To give your opinion and be involved in the decisions that are made in school  

• To socialise with other parents and contribute to the wider school community

• To take advantage of volunteering opportunities, learn new skills or try out new experiences  


Things you may be interested in setting up or taking part in…  


• Volunteering in school

• Education opportunities for adults  

• Organising social/charity events  

• Consultation 

• Other – any ideas welcome! 


How do I get involved?


Complete and application and submit to the school Office. The selection process will be carried out based upon skills and ensuring there are a range of representatives across all key stages in school. This will be carried out by governors and deputy headteacher.